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View the documentary RAILWAY MEMORIES at 7th Kastelorizo International Documentary Festival 2022 "Beyond Borders","Where documentary meets History and Culture" August 21-27, 2022 beyondborders.gr

The documentary is one of the 30 selected among 790 documentaries from 100 countries. It is presented in the second competitive screening stage in the microCRO category and claims one of the three awards, Gold, Silver and Bronze Phoenix, with the exclusive sponsor of the German channel Phoenix/ ZDF

The documentary will be screened at the Municipal Hall of Megistis, among others, on Saturday 27 August 2022, 13.00-17.00 pm


Railway memories
Participatory Video Performance
A work by Emilia Bouriti | Syn+Ergasia Art Platform

Α unique connection between the Railway Lines and the history of the Pontians is recorded in the artwork “Railway Memories” by Emilia Bouriti. The artist collaborates with the Pontian Community of Aspropyrgos, capturing the collective memory and migrating individually concept. Pontian women unfold stories of their violent displacement from the Caucasus in 1949 through the vast Soviet railway network, to Aspropyrgos where they ended up. The railway lines of the freight station are imagined by the artist as neurons of a body that endures, holds and transmits individual and collective memories. Ιn collaboration with the Municipality of Aspropyrgos.

Conception, direction, performance: Emilia Bouriti
Participants:Sofia Mavridi, Emilia Bouriti, Claudia Masmanidou, Vassilis Semertzis, Christina Sofianidou, Christos Sofianidis, Chrysoula Topalidi, Eleni Tsiripova
Singing:Christina Sofianidis, Vassilis Semertzidis
Lyra: Vassilis Semertzidis
Assistant director: Panos Vittorakis
Camera, Video editing: Haris Karoutsos
Camera: Nicolas Papadimitriou
Photography & graphic design: Voula Androni
Translation of texts and subtitling: Myrto Androni

The civil non-profit company, with the name 'Syn+ergasia' was founded in December 2007 by Emilia Bouriti, visual performance artist and Voula Androni, photographer. The company is based in the city of Aspropyrgos, Attica and has been operating until today as an artistic platform with collaborations from Greece and abroad. Its purpose is exclusively cultural, educational and research and aims at the comprehensive promotion of all art forms in Greece. As an active member of the European and International Community, it works to strengthen the links between art, society and science. The company organizes international artistic activities, exhibitions, workshops, art and educational seminars.






Emilia Bouriti was born in 1966 in Aspropyrgos, Attica. Her studies at University of Brighton at postgraduate and undergraduate level in Performance, Visual Arts and the collaboration of Different Fields of Art towards a kind of integrated performance have formed her artistic practice and her style of teaching.

The main axes of her work are:
Site-specific installation performance / Body in dialogue with urban and industrial element /Experiential collective action in community-based communities / Performance in relation to food and agriculture / The body as an energy and ritual field / Creating integrated performance with interdisciplinary practice / Research on thematic projects and their evolution over time

Her fifteen-year teaching experience at an academic level (college and university training) performance revolves around:
Body awareness and empowerment of personal expression / Methodology and techniques of yoga and butoh as basic tools for preparation of the psychosome / The body and dialogue with architecture and the environment / Methodology of long-term performance / Specifying site specific installation performance / Interdisciplinary practice aiming at the interconnection of the arts

Her studies abroad, as well as her activity in international programs mainly through the European Association of Art Institutes (ELIA) that focuses on innovative methods of education at the Highest Institutes of Art allowed her to create an international network of exchanges with other teachers and consolidate an international activity both in her visual practice and in her teaching.

Since 2003 she has been a founding member of the artistic platform "Syn + ergasia", which creates works by inviting artists from different fields

The non-profit organization, under the brand name "Syn+ergasia, was founded in December 2007 by Emilia Bouriti, a visual and performance artist. It is located at the city of Aspropyrgos in Attica and has been operating as an artistic platform with collaborations from Greece and abroad..

The purpose of the company is exclusively cultural, research and educational and it aims to promote all forms of art in Greece. It is as active member of the European and international community intending to strength the links between art, society and science..

The company organizes at international level artistic activities, exhibitions, workshops, art seminars and education.

Emilia Bouriti studied at University of Brighton at postgraduate and undergraduate level in Performance, Visual Arts and collaboration of Different Fields of Art towards kind of integrated performance have formed her artistic practice and her style of teaching.

From 2000 to 2009 she taught butoh dance by the Japanese master of butoh Atshushi Takenouchi.

Representative of The European League Institutes of the Arts in Greece (ELIA)

Official Participation in the Japanese EU-Japan People to People Exchange, presentation of an artwork

Presentation at the International Conference of The European League Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) of the postgraduate diploma as a Standard European Master Practice-Based, Vienna

Lambrakis Foundation scholarship for postgraduate studies at the University of Brighton, Great Britain

Greek - English League Scholarship for the Completion of the undergraduate studies at the University of Brighton, Great Britain

Aegeus ΑΜΚΕ, Sponsorship for the production of the project The Anthropometry of a post-industrial city

2017 & 2016
Municipality of Aspropyrgos, Sponsorship for the completion of the documentary "100 Years of Rural Life in Aspropyrgos "and development of the project Post-Industrial Rural Paths

International Aesxylia Festival, Production of CUBE Project

PCAI, Outset and International Asxylia Festival, Production Space Time Energy

Organization NEON, Production of Time Space Energy project

Presentation of the Artistic Project - International Participations

Berlin Soup – International Festival of the Arts, participation with the video-performance Demas, Berlin

Documenta 14, Public Programs, member of the Collective Network "Artist Cooperative Athens", presentation of research and Post - industrial rural paths project, at Parko Eleftherias and Athens School of Fine Art

Documenta 14, Aneducation space, Public Education, Presentation Post - industrial rural paths project, Athens School of Fine Art

Athens Biennale, Lecture and Video Performance Visualization Post-Industrial rural paths project, Mpagkeio, Athens

AS ONE, Marina Abramovich Institute, Presentation of the Time Space project Energy, Benaki Museum, Athens

3rd International Symphonic Symposium, Presentation "Apollo and Dionysus: Apollonia expression in the movement and landscape of Sifnos" project.

Presentation of the project Time Space Energy and lecture on interdisciplinary artistic collaboration in integrated performance at the international conference of The European League Institutes of the Arts(ELIA) Tilburg, The Netherlands

Work in the community - New forms of collectivity

2016- on going
Research and work on Aspropyrgos and Thriasio Pedio Post-industrial rural paths: collective experience in the fields

Site-specific Performances & Participation in Festivals

Traces of Earth, Installation and Performance, Platforms projects 2018, Syn+ergasia, Athens School of Fine Art

Cube, installation and performance, International Aisxylia Festival and presentation at the Wellness & Art Festival, Paleo Eleourgio, Eleusina
The Anthropometry of a Post-Industrial City, performance, installation, video, invitation to the conference "Attica in Crisis ", organized by Panhellenic Association of Architects (SADAS) and Association of Engineers of Aspropyrgos, Agricultural Warehouse "Meleti Mylonas", Aspropyrgos

Eleusi, Space Time Energy. The body in its industrial landscape Eleusina, video performance, [OUT] TOPIAS, International Exhibition, Museum Benaki Piraeus, Athens
Post-industrial rural paths, participatory performance and video in the fields, Thriasion Festival, Aspropyrgos In the context of the Placebo exhibition, in cooperation with the Embassy of Austria, Cheap Art Gallery, Athens

Eleusi, Space Time Energy. The body in its industrial landscape Eleusina, performance and installation, International Aesthetics Festival, outdoor area of Paleo Eleourgio, Eleusina
Towards to west, performance at the start and ending of the Semi-marathon race of Eleusina, Asxylia Festival, Eleusina

Time Space Energy, performance, within the framework of the international exhibition 'A Thousand Doors', NEON & Whitechapel Gallery, Gennadius Library, Athens
Time Space Energy, performance, Travel Bloggers Exchange - TBEX Europe, Organization Production NEON, Technopolis, Athens 
Conversation with G.M, video, Art and Madness Festival, Melina Cultural Center, Athens  When the Body meets Sculpture and Engraving, performance and installation, as part of the exhibition of sculptor Theodoros Papagiannis, Municipal Art Gallery of Athens

Happy Death, video performance, Festival Little Paris of Athens, Finos Film Building, Athens

Odes of the Aegean, performance at Mary Shina visual installation , TAF Exhibition Center, Athens

Crystal City (Transition), video-perfomance, 11th International Patras Independent Film Festival, Independent Artists, Patras

Patra the Crystal City, Apollo and Dionysos, an individual exposition of video and video performance and installation work, Patras 2006 Cultural Capital of Europe, Maragopoulos Building, Patras

Integrated Performances

Completed performances for the dialogue of arts, combining physical movements, visual and site-specific installations, video, speech, music, butoh dance

Arriti Kori, Aisxylia Festival 2012, Paleo Eleourgio, Eleusina
IeraOdos to ArritiKori, video performance and installation, Red Dot Art Space, Athens

Western Steps, at the traces of Iera odo, Ancient Drama Festival, Theater of Attico Alsos, Athens

Western Steps, at the traces of IeraOdo, performance, Aixylia Festival 2010, Paleo Eleourgio Eleusina

People in the City, the other face, TAF Exhibition Area, Athens,
People in the City, 1st Street Theater Festival of Athens, public space, Thiseio
Osidori, direction - kinesiology, Crater Theater, Athens

Osidori, directiion and kinesiology, 1st Street Theater Festival of Athens, public space, Kapnikarea, Athens
West Steps, The dance month of Greek choreographers, Rousse Theater, Athens

West Steps, installation and video, Athens Art Gallery, Athens

Hymn to Demeter, International Festival Encounters with Greek Culture, Warsaw

To the real self - Hymn to Demeter, performance of the different versions of the work: Festival of the Municipality of Athens, Aisxylia Festival, The month of dance of the Greek choreographers, Art space Metalourgio, Booze Cooperativa, Katia Dandoulaki Theater

To the real self - Jinen, performance and installation, in collaboration with the Japanese choreographer and butoh performer Atsushi Takenouchi, under the auspices of the Japanese Embassy, the Municipality of Athens, Art space ParkoEleftherias, Athens

European League Institutions of the Arts (ELIA)

From 2002 to 2010 she was a representative and official partner of the European League Institutions of the Arts (ELIA),a non-governmental organization which represents over 370 supreme art institutions from 45 countries in Europe ArtesnetandInterArtes, where he also participated in a multitude of meetings- either as a rapporteur, as an organizer or as an active member.

Announcements at international conferences of ELIA

Vienna, International ELIA Congress. Presentation of Emilia’s postgraduate work as an example of a European Practical based Master

Tilburg, International ELIA Congress. Presentation of her undergraduate research of the Time Space Energy project and lecture on interdisciplinary artistic collaborations according integrated performances

Organization of European Programs & Workshops

Two-days of seminar and workshop about the work of The European league Institutions of the Arts (ELIA), the Bologna Declaration, self-evaluation, the developments in college and university education in Greece, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens

Meeting of the European Higher Art Schools of Theater Departments with the Greek Theatre Departments. The theme "The theater studies in higher education in national and European level ", Museum Benaki, Main Building, Athens

Participation in ELIA Conferences & Symposia

Gothenburg, Participation in the meeting of the European Program artesnet on issues related to the evaluation of Art and the collaborations between the Arts Schools

Sofia, Participation in the Teacher's Academy: workshops and presentations of new methods of teaching
Palermo, Participation in a conference on "Transition and Evolution of Schools of Fine Arts in the field of education and research

Tallinn, Participation in a conference on "Creating strong art collaborations in Europe ". Meeting of Representatives of European Higher Schools of Theater, Dance, Fine Arts, music and architecture

Budapest, Participation in the educational workshop on self-assessment and the Bologna Convention

Lucerne, Participation in the conference "Dialogue in Art in the Light of students, teachers, spectators and researchers”

London, Representative of the Duncan Dance Center in Prague. Participation in the conference "Examining the Diversity of Dance education in Europe

Participation in other Conferences and Symposia - Lectures, Collaborations

Collaboration in interdisciplinary research about ancient tragedy under the perspective of contemporary art, with Associate Professor of Philosophy, Mrs. Anna Lazou

Thriasia Festival, Presentation of the documentary Post-Industrial Rural paths and lecture "Art in dialogue with one post-industrial and rural experience ", Agrokipio Theater, Aspropyrgos

1st Conference of Ancient Drama, Lecture on “The Homeric Hymn to Demeter as a meeting point between the Apollonian and Dionysian of the Dionysian energy. The universal symbol of IeraOdos”, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens

Open University of Aspropyrgos, Lecture on "The artistic perception of IeraOdos”, Aspropyrgos

3rd International Sifnaiko Symposium: "Apollo and Dionysus: The Apollonian expression in the movement of the body and the landscape of Sifnos”, Apollonia, Sifnos

Administrative work

Founding member of the artistic platform "syn + ergasia"

Member of the "Artist Cooperative Athens"

Organization of the art event “Iera Odos”, Aisxylia International Festival 2010, Eleusina

Administrative Member, Greek Section of the International Dance Council CID UNESCO

Member of the Examination Committee of the Ministry of Culture for the Introductory Exams of Higher Dance Schools

Treasurer of the Dance and Rhythm Association

"Eleusi, Space Time Energy, Body in its industrial landscape Eleusina", edition of the 2015 Aisxyleia Festival

Open University of Aspropyrgos, edition of the lecture, title "The Artistic Approach of Iera Odos"

Research "The bidirectional relationship of body movements with sculpture, human body and space", published in the international academic academia.edu platform

Publication of the postgraduate research entitled "Apollo and Dionysos: The Dancing Spirit",Archaeology and Arts, Issue 93

Publication "Dance and the art of installation", articlein the“Dance Magazine”, Pan-Hellenic Union of Dance and Rhythm, Issue 46 
Publication of the article "Musical improvisations: to Apollo. International meeting of music in Delphi, European Cultural Center of Delphi, Dance Magazine, Panhellenic Union of Dance and Rhythm, Issue 47
Publication of the article "The Action of the European League Institutesof Arts (ELIA)", Dance Magazine, Pan-Hellenic Union of Dance and Rhythm, Issue 49


Teaching of the subject "Kinesiology" in context Performance in the Department of Music Science and Art, of the University of Macedonia

Conducting a Performance Seminar at the Athens School of Fine Arts on the subject: " The plasticity of movement in space - the body as action and space in performance with the support of the A’, C’, E' Laboratories of Painting.

05-06/2008 Taught the course "Movement and Improvisation" to students first and third year of the Fontys School of Performing University and Visual Art, Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, The Netherlands


Teaching the subject "Performance – Kinesiology, improvisation, site specific performances and audio-visual media 'at the Higher School of Drama Art "Mary Vogiatzi Traga" supervised by the Ministry of Culture

Teaching the subject "Kinesiology and Improvisation with use of audio-visualmedia" at the Higher School of Drama Art "Mary Vojiatzi Traga", supervised by the Ministry Culture

Conducting a seminar on "Kinesiology - Performance" to the students of Department of Philosophy - Pedagogy - Psychology, Philosophy School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Common educational work between Higher Education Institutions

Visual and Music - Performance, students participation of the Athens School of Fine Art and Department of Science and music art, Aisxyilia International Festival, Eleusina, Paleo Eleourgio

Body and Organic Matter II, Illusion,student’s participationof the Athens School of Fine Art and Department of Science and music art8th International Festival of Universities in Theater and Performance Serres and a presentation at the Theater of the Athens School of Fine Art

Teaching other seminars & workshops

Residence and Workshop, Body and performance, students of Architecture Department, University of Patras on the subject "Action and Space – Settlement”, Architecture workshop "Light" Eleni Tzirtzilaki, Sifnos, July 2007

Lectures open to the public at the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA):

"The Body as a physical ark of energy " lecture and practical workshop with the students in the Laboratory area, A’ Painting Laboratory , 18/4/2016

"Body and Landscape", 14/12/2016, C’ Painting Laboratory ASFA

"Body, Ritual & Purification in Performance", 29/01/2014, C’ Painting Laboratory ASFA

"The Body in relation with Action and Space in Performance", 11/02/2011, C’ Painting Laboratory ASFA